We believe in the 

physiological process of birth. 

Education is power, and women are strong. 

Monika and Krista are two sisters dedicated to helping unleash the fire within you. You are powerful and strong, but sometimes mothers need a little help and guidance, especially if this is your first baby or if you have had a negative first birthing experience

Please feel free to call either of us at any time to discuss how we can help you achieve the kind of birth that you would like


 Certified Doula, Wise Woman Way of Birth

Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

Monika has always been drawn towards birth and to the intuitive primal power that women possess. After attending the birth of Krista's second baby, and through the transformative experience of birthing her first daughter, she knew she had found her true passion.


As a certified doula and placenta encapsulation specialist, she focuses on removing fear & anxiety, and educating women so that they can make informed decisions. 


 Certified Doula, Wise Woman Way of Birth

Krista always knew that she wanted to have a family and be a mother, but her ambitions were always towards corporate success. However, all of that changed after the birth of her first son.


Krista became passionate about learning everything she could to help other women navigate the world of birth and labour, and finally, after the birth of her second son, she became a certified Doula. Empowering, educating and supporting women during pregnancy and labour is her passion.